ITB Group continues as Rompa Group 

We unified the best of two worlds when ITB Group became Rompa Group. We continue to offer the best service possible for our clients, all under one name. Together we strive to continue and enhance our full-service in injection molding and to specialize ourselves in the finest precision work. 


One name, many locations 

ITB Group´s locations are in The Netherlands, The Czech Republic and Mexico. Due to the merger with Rompa Group, we can now offer manufacturing all over the world. This means that we expand our global footprint and our ability to produce locally, which in turn means that we can offer our clients more flexibility and lower transportation costs. Also think about the efficiency of the manufacturing process, all with the same quality as you have been used to from ITB Group. 


One team, one family 

We thrive by our core values and keep these as our guidelines. When you merge two companies you merge two different approaches. So we decided together; ITB Group and Rompa Group renewed their visions and combined the best of both. These are the values we follow:


  • Passion in all we do 
  • Together we are one, achieving greatness through teamwork
  • Improving continuously and striving for excellence 
  • Customer focus, developing long-term partnerships
  • Ownership of our decisions and actions


One name, one contact point 

We want to make sure that you are always able to easily contact us. As we continue under the name of Rompa Group you will find all contact information, news items and updates on one website:

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