Product development

Have our design agency develop your plastic or metal product for you

Together with our subsidiary Verhoeven Design Buro, ITB has all the expertise it needs to help you with the development of a new product. In fact, we will develop it for you. To do so, Verhoeven’s engineers collaborate closely with our project engineers, who design the moulds. What does this mean for you? We take the manufacturability of your product into account at an early stage during the design process. You will know exactly what to expect.


Perkin Elmer Optiplate

Five more reasons to choose ITB’s product development

• Product design, mould development and production in the Netherlands – or at one of our production facilities abroad, if that is more efficient
• Innovation and quality: In 2018, Verhoeven Ontwerpburo won the Gouden Noot for an innovative packaging design
• Specialised in the development of systems and products for the food, automotive and healthcare sectors
• Clear approach in six steps
• You can also opt for just product development; of course, we would love to actually manufacture your product for you, but the choice is yours