Project management

Look forward to your receiving your first products without a care in the world

We know our fair share of them: suppliers who call their clients every single day. Of course: some projects require more coordination than others. If possible, however, you will hear very little from us. It is very simple: you can rely entirely on high-quality processes and products. We call this operational excellence.


Project management at ITB

• We take care of everything for you. From the development of the mould to the supply chain and from packaging to transport.
• Zero defect is our core principle. To realise this, we operate in a highly systematic manner and think about how to avoid potential errors as early in the development process as possible.
• We make clear agreements with you about product quality and delivery times. You can hold us to that.
• We will regularly – but not more than necessary – keep you informed about the progress of your project. If anything does not go according to plan, we will of course let you know.
• If you want to be more involved in the project after all, that is fine too. You will have a single point of contact, your project leader, who is always available during office hours. Furthermore, our quality control and customer service departments are at your service too.

Would you like to experience our operational excellence for yourself?