Injection molding

Accurate injection moulding for the best quality

Plastic injection molding is truly one of our specialities. But there’s more. At Injection moulding is our core business. ITB has an extremely high production capability: with our excellent processes, production runs of 150 million plastic products are no exception. But there is more. We also help with product design, ensure the time to market – i.e. the lead time from development to production – remains short and we are responsible for assembly. With our excellent attention to detail, customers are guaranteed the best quality at all times. We can injection mould plastic products with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimetre.


Fully automated injection moulding

Our production process is fully computer controlled. Because our machines have up to three components, we can process multiple plastics at the same time. Cameras along the process lines ensure any production errors are detected and corrected at an early stage.

That’s why customers choose plastic injection moulding by ITB

We are ahead of the competition in health(care), automotive, consumer electronics and connectors. Major players in these markets choose our expertise in injection moulding due to:

  • High quality, guaranteed by various ISO certifications
  • Our own tool shop, where we can produce the most complex moulds ourselves
  • High degree of accuracy: fewer than ten out of one million products will be faulty, resulting in a very low PPM level.
  • One-stop shopping model: we think along from product development to production
  • Global footprint and competitive rates because of our production facilities in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Mexico
  • 100% dedicated and available 24/7

Injection moulding machine Transito Czech Republic

Injection moulding Boxtel

Our specialties

ITB specialises in complex products that are injection moulded using moulds with multiple cavities. Our machines are designed for this type of production process. They have a maximum projected surface area of A3 size and a clamping force of up to 320 tons. We manufacture products with injection moulding at every ITB production site in the world. One of our areas of expertise is the production of medical products. For this purpose, we have our own state-of-the-art cleanroom.

Various injection moulding techniques

We process virtually all thermoplastics and their additives. We also offer almost all injection-moulding techniques, including thin-walled injection moulding, insert and outsert moulding, high-precision injection moulding, 2K and 3K injection moulding and inline printing.

Want to know more?

Are you curious about the options injection moulding offers? Do you have questions about injection moulding techniques? We’d be happy to tell you more!


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