Quick weaving thanks to precision work

Producing a series of millions of fine metal products that require accuracy of one thousandth of a millimetre – a complex challenge. At ITB, it’s in good hands. Precision engineering is our strength.


Picanol Group


C-Haak, part of a loom

Techniques and services

MIM, injection moulding, stamping


Together with Picanol, we developed the C-hook from start to finish. The Belgian company is a market leader in looms. The speed at which the thread moves through the loom requires an exceptionally high degree of accuracy. We process the granulate with MIM. After the debinding and sintering process, we grind the product during the finishing stage. This allows us to achieve the required accuracy of one thousandth of a millimetre. The process has a high capability: we can reproduce the product perfectly.


Stainless steel

Quality-control method

100% quality control, both visual and functional

Production run


Production location

MIM department, ITB Boxtel