Tool shop

Mould development in the Netherlands

Are you familiar with our tool shop in Boxtel? It is where we develop moulds for injection moulding and metal injection moulding (MIM), as well as stamps for the punching of precision machinery. Our tool shop specialises in the design and development of the most complex tools. Think of e.g. moulds that demand a high degree of precision or moulds with many moving parts, as well as cutting and bending stamps for small metal parts. For the development of less complex models, we work together with a network of reliable mould makers.

Mould development at ITB in a nutshell

• In-house tool shop (750 m2) with state-of-the-art machinery for milling, wire sparking, zinc sparking and grinding. The machines run day and night.
• From design to initial trial injection (depending on the complexity of the mould, this process takes an average of fifteen to twenty-five weeks).
• A team of specialists, including toolmakers, project engineers and project leaders, works on your mould and guarantees the highest degree of accuracy.
• Full service: product development, mould development and production, all under one roof. Due to the close collaboration, we can quickly anticipate changes.

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