Expert in various techniques

For plastic injection moulding, you’ve come to the right place at ITB Group. That’s not all, though. As we offer a range of technologies, you can always count on optimal service. For example, ITB also specialises in stamping, assembly and metal injection moulding. What are we best at? Accuracy! Thanks in part to our investments in mechanical automation, ITB guarantees a consistent level of quality, whether you need 150 or 10,000 products.

Why choose ITB?

• Expert in precision engineering and the injection moulding of both plastic and metal
• High degree of accuracy due to the best equipment and automated processes
• Development, manufacturing and assembly of plastic and metal products
• Global footprint: production facilities in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Mexico
• Specialist in producing products in large quantities
• Thinks along about product delivery timelines: to ensure you always have the right inventory, we will draw up agreements about the time frame between orders, the production process and deliveries

Injection moulding

Metal Injection Moulding